According to Femi Fani-Kayode “Boko Haram Has Been Rebranded into Herdsmen”

"Boko Haram has been rebranded into herdsmen but Nigerians are unaware. The Fulani Caliphate in collaboration with Chad, Niger, and Mali have orchestrated a deadly plan on Nigerians and their land. The Federal Government, the Presidency and the Fulani elders, including the Emir, are all part of it. The cattle colony is a pretext. Chad, Niger, and Mali are presently on a full-scale invasion of Nigerian territory. Nigerians must rise against it. The Federal Government now works with Boko Haram to kill citizens. I am an APC member but I must tell you this government has failed the people"- GOVERNOR SAMUEL ORTOM OF BENUE STATE.

Every word that Ortom has said here is true. He has spoken courageously and at great risk to his own life and that of his family. I commend him. However I must add this: WE WARNED YOU.

I saw all this coming in 2015 and when I spoke out about it I received nothing but insults and persecution. Now it is unfolding before our very eyes and everyone is saying "Gosh FFK was right all along".

Well I wish I had been wrong but one thing is clear: what lies ahead is far worse than anything that Nigeria has ever witnessed or seen before in its history.

If anyone thinks that the tiger that already has the goat between its teeth will give it up easily then they still don't understand the nature of the animal that we are dealing with.

It is not just about Buhari but about who and what he stands for and represents and they make no bones about it.

It is about conquest, rulership, power-show and the total and complete domination of every sphere of our life and existence by a small, hateful and slippery little ethnic group which considers itself superior to all others, which is racist in all its ways and which believes that it was born, destined and ordained by God to control and laud it over the rest of the 180 million people that make up the numerous ethnic nationalities of Nigeria.

You better not just pray but you must also get your PVC and your spiritual weapons of war out if you want to save Nigeria. You had also better get ready to defend yourselves if and when you are attacked because the government has proved that it has NO interest in protecting you but rather in assisting your killers and oppressors to kill and oppress you.

It is not just about winning an election in 2019 but about saving your nation, your land, your faith, your famlly, your children and future generations of your lineage and loved ones from being humiliated, decimated, blighted, enslaved, pillaged, ethnically-cleansed, exterminated and completely wiped out by the most vicious, bloodthirsty, cunning, relentless and self-serving group of people that the African continent has ever seen or known.

It is about defending and protecting yourselves from a tiny race of ethnic aliens and itinerant vagrants who are originally from Futa Jalon in modern-day Guinea and who are hell-bent on subjugating our nation, milking dry its vast mineral and human resources and controlling them for their own benefit.

Take it or leave it, that is what is at stake. And if we fail to stop it now, a little down the line when the curtain comes down and it finally happens, you will come back to me and once again say, "Gosh, if only we had listened! FFK was right all along!"







According to Femi Fani-Kayode “Boko Haram Has Been Re-branded into Herdsmen”

Femi Fani-Kayode 14
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