INEC: 6 Months Ago, We Were Ready

This is for those always sitting on the fence for the Biafra projects.

Yesterday they were abusing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu  and asking for the document he signed and what was agreed. 

6 Months ago, "INEC we are ready."

3 Months later, "INEC we are very ready."

One month to the date, "even in the whole of Africa we can conduct free and credible polls,"

A week to the elections, "INEC we are set."

2 days remaining, "we have put everything in place."

6 hours to go, "INEC we are not PREPARED, give us one more week!!!."

"Ehh.. We want to know what Nnamdi Kanu agreed with the Nigerian government". Who and who signed the agreement? What was it that they agreed?"

Today, their election has been cancelled, no one is bothered. In a normal country, people would flood the streets and ask for the resignation of the INEC chairman. That INEC chairman must resign before any further story. 

The media will ask for his head on a platter. And the man himself out of shame will resign. But in Nigeria, they don't have shame nor courage. They only know how to pour their frustrations on harmless Nnamdi Kanu who came to ask questions and liberate them.

Their country has just postponed a national exercise after wasting billions of their money. No action. Nothing! 

They'll still waste more money, and rig in Buhari and nothing will happen. Forget their social media updates they cannot and won't do anything.

Their fangs only show when Nnamdi and IPOB are involved.

Cowards! Mention Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB now and they'll become professors and lawyers and activists. 

You'll read different English from now till Monday. Many many updates. It's all English and no action. No balls of steel. 

When their phones die, they'll turn on their  generators (as they do not have common electricity) and charge their phones and continue. They love the ugly situation that way. 

If you make any move to try and get them out of this very ugly situation they'll malign you and call you a fraud.

People that blamed IPOB members for confronting the military. People that blamed Shia Muslims for protesting. 

Those Nigerians, they love their chains so much. Nigeria is a joke! 

Where else in the world would they postpone an election on that same day?

Imagine the damages and wastages on people. 

Freedom fo Biafra is freedom for all. 

God bless Biafra Republic.



INEC: 6 Months Ago, We Were Ready


Nigerians should be grateful to the United States for saving our democracy today. This is why the party in power got frustrated about the international communities interference at one point and threatened “body bags” because they know, “Americans would know”.

We are a sovereign state, agreed, but there was nothing Nigerians would have done tonight to prevent Mohammadu Buhari from rigging this election, if not for the intervention of the USA.

The Buhari government in collaboration with INEC had an agenda on how to rig the election in favor of Buhari. This was what they were planning to execute tonight with the postponement drama when the United States government got a wind of it and called the INEC Chairman not to dare.


The strategy was to allow elections hold in 26 states and postpone it in 10 states. For the ten states, they had two plans: late arrival of election materials and security crisis. 

The idea was to deliberately allow materials arrive late as we are already witnessing in some states, and INEC would have no option but to postpone elections in those states. 

For instance, the aircraft that was supposed to deliver materials to Enugu was told it can't land because of bad weather conditions and it had to land in Port Harcourt. Right before us, elections in Enugu would have been postponed. 

The crisis template was executed in Kaduna today. The news of Kaduna State killings of 66 people today was part of the plan to create an atmosphere of catastrophic so that INEC would postpone the election in Kaduna State citing security challenges. The news of the killings was fabricated and sponsored by the 3 inches 'body bag' Governor of that state. 

For the 26 states that election would have held, the plan was to watch out for the outcome. If it favours Atiku, whatever the margin is, they would deploy heavy security agents to ensure they get enough votes to cover up the margin in the 10 states that elections were to be postponed as they did in Osun state. 

With this plan, Buhari would be elected back as president, but the US said, NO! 

Elections across the 36 states must hold simultaneously, they insist.

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The Path of Destruction 16

(By an INEC official) 

In all stakeholders meetings spanning almost six months with INEC, security agencies, National Peace Committee, local and foreign electoral agencies, one key thing I kept hammering was how INEC will do its logistics firmly under the control of core Buharists listed below, so the presidential poll won't be rigged or sabotaged.

At the Jonathan Foundation programme where I was invited to represent all the 91 political parties, I mentioned it there too and Doris Obi Enwezor, Rity Ike, Tunji Awonusi etc will remember I raised that concern. 

But alas, that concern culminated into the presidential and NASS polls being shifted because the script of staggered poll was resisted.

INEC 2019 Electoral Logistics Committee.


AVM Ahmed Mu’azu Rtd.


INEC Director of Stores.


  1. Abubakar Lamuche 
  2. 2Muhammed Haruna.
  3. Central Bank of Nigeria.
  4. Nigeria Customs Service.
  5. Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria.
  6. Nigeria Immigration Service.
  7. Federal Road Safety Corps.
  8. Nigeria Police Force.
  9. Department of State Services. 
  10. Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps.
  11. Nigerian Army. 
  12. Navy. 
  13. Air Force. 
  14. INEC Director, Electoral Operations and Logistics Department. 
  15. INEC Director of Estate, Works and Transport. 
  16. INEC Director of Procurement.

All these persons and agencies are both under the political and statutory control of:

  1. Ahmed Muazu (Daura/Kyari INEC Commissioner nominee from NE)
  2. Amina Zakari (Buhari's INEC nominee to President Jonathan, Buhari's Niece and defacto committee head).
  3. Minister of Interior, Gen. Dambazau (APC Presidential Campaign Director for Security).
  4. Minister of Defence, Gen. Mansur Ali.
  5. Minister of State, Aviation, Captain Hadi Sirika Rtd (Buhari's Nephew)
  6. CG Customs Service, Col. Hamid Ali (Ex Buhari Chief of Staff and current DG Buhari Support Organisation). 
  7. Minister of Finance, Zainab Ahmed (daughter of Yahaya Hamza, the foster father of Nasir el-Rufai)

All core Buharists and Buhari appointees still holding their respective positions till date.

Baron: How could we have this direct appointees of the president in charge of elections and still expect free and fair elections? It's not only delusional but pure insanity on the part of the people. 

Dear Friends, you might disagree with us on numerous issues but on the issue of the need to remove INEC from the presidency, we STAND OUR GROUND and WE WOULD NEVER PARTICIPATE IN THIS SHAM unless we solve the fundamental problems. 

Those that validate this sham, we wish them well. We can NEVER participate in such foolery! NEVER!!! 

We must #restructureOrBurst.

Baron Roy




The Path of Destruction 15

This series was temporarily suspended in deference to the general elections. But with the certain postponement, we felt the need to continue and round it off ASAP. 

The fact that the elections were postponed on the very day of the elections did not really come as a surprise; we did expect it...and worse. We spent the past 36 hours collating and analysing information, and gauging the reactions of them ordinary citizens and institutions. We've come up with some interesting mix-bag. 

The ordinary citizen was quite livid with anger at the postponement. Most prospective voters had been all prepared to vote for different reasons: some genuinely (albeit naively) thought it was going to be payback time against the ruling government and were denied their revenge, some felt the money to be made on the day had been denied them, others were angry with the fact that their schedules had been messed up, while some others simply wanted the elections to be done with so they could restrategise and adapt to the post elections life. 

Some political players were definitely upset; those contending for elective positions, those with vested interests in electoral outcomes, and many more. 

Overall, aside the APC establishment, the rest of their country was livid with anger. 

Despite the fact of the palpable anger of most people, not a single individual or entity could do a single thing about the postponement! NOT EVEN ONE!!! 

The president of Nigeria had single-handedly postponed a major election and postponed the destiny of a people! Aside the APC establishment, the whole country is angry and disagrees with him...but all that fury is IMPOTENT; there is absolutely NOTHING anyone could do about it! 

Just look at us all...just see how pathetic we all seem; all the pro election tigers, all the sociocultural groups, all the civil society groups, all the opposition parties, the national assembly, the whole! Not even one entity has a response to the dictatorial postponement! The "come out and vote" crowd cannot do a single thing about the postponement! What a disgrace!!! 

Recall that long before the kickoff of the electioneering process, the SNC made a position statement public, sought to work with the National Assembly, the PDP and other people of goodwill, that the National Assembly should (as a matter of national urgency) employ the Principle of Necessity to remove INEC from the presidency and re-establish it as a free organ of the People with its own powers and removed from the influences of any entity. This position was largely ignored and it's proponents were denigrated across the country. The SNC kept its peace and kept warning of the dire consequences of leaving things to chance. 

We did leave things to chance, and the APC alongside their president played a fast one on Nigeria. And there's absolutely nothing anyone could do about it. May it be known to all here, that the president could postpone the elections to 2023 and there would be nothing anyone could do! We have spent countless years explaining to all who care to listen the inordinate powers of the presidency as espoused by the 1999 Constitution but we are paid no mind! 

Look around you; look at the security architecture, look at the way and manner a substantive Chief Judge was removed, look at the Judiciary in total disarray and fear, look at all sections and opposition on the back foot, and try to #thinkAgain.

It's unfortunate that a people could be so saddled with a constitution they cannot implement, that has zero consequences for infringements, but wait on the USA and European Governments to HELP contain their own government! It is a disgrace that we call ourselves sovereign but the People require the help of foreigners to help contend with their rulers! Yet, on October 1st, they'd come singing Happy Independence! Pathetic...and stupid!!!

Dear Readers, due to the inability of the People to agree on what's important, due to the inability to secure the fundamentals, we are mired in an election with the palpable air of trepidation! Most expect (and rightly so) the ruling party to absolutely rig the elections but depend on foreign interventions or some divine to help drive off the ruling party! If we had done the needful when we had ample time to do so, would we be here now? 

No wonder Sultan Dogo calls us LAZY! We truly are lazy...and a whole lot irresponsible, in our failure to recognize the real issues. We chase rats while our homes are on fire! 

Wherever they card may fall matters not; failure is certain unless that comedy called constitution were discarded! In case you've not seen the memo yet, we are firmly on the Path of Destruction with this obscene constitution! 

We must #restructureOrBurst...or keep deceiving ourselves that we have a country; there was a country! What's left is an unforgiving jungle! 


Baron Roy




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