Internal Referendum: Croatian And Biafran Synonymous Experiments

Internal Referendum: Croatian And Biafran Synonymous Experiments

Historical records have it that prior to the year 1991, there existed elsewhere in the world, an indigenous set of people known as the CROATS. They were entrapped in the old Yugoslavia. They were seemingly helplessly trapped in an oppressive unworkable union of Yugoslavia with the people of Kosovo, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, alongside the Serbians. These Croats were under the totalitarian grip of the Serbs just like what presently obtains in the Nigerian contraption with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), and the enslaving Fulani oligarchy that is in control of the Nigerian government. In the year 1991 however, the Croats having relentlessly agitated for independence from the dysfunctional colonial Yugoslavian union in the time past, decided to carry out internal referendum within themselves to fully determine their continued stay within the Yugoslavian federation or become an autonomous Croatia. This internal referendum was conducted in 1991 and the outcome greatly favored the desired independence of the Croats that led to the declaration of this very indigenous nation as a sovereign Croatia.

Similarly, as the Croats carried out their own referendum in 1991, so also the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) will be conducting theirs  come Saturday 16th February 2019. The leadership of IPOB has courageously and justifiably petitioned the global community concerning the very collective desire of the Biafran people to peacefully conduct a referendum to clearly decide their fate in the Nigerian contraption. The Nigerian government, it must be stated here, always view this referendum demand  of Biafrans as a call for war which is pitiably shameful and disappointing. The government has defiantly rejected this legitimate demand of the people purely for self-serving interests. It is on this note that the people of Biafra globally, have unanimously decided to schedule Biafra Internal Referendum for Saturday 16th February 2019, replicating the Croatian experiment of 1991. The outcome of this exercise it must be clearly emphasized, will determine the next level of the Biafran restoration struggle.

The United Nations, European Union and African Union must synergize to witness the outcome of this upcoming referendum. It is very likely that the same manner with which the Croats declared their independence from the old Yugoslavian entity in 1991, Biafrans may equally adopt in declaring her sovereignty from Nigeria on the 16th of February 2019,




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after the successful exercise. The international community must be reminded that their unwarranted docility on the plights of independence agitating regions with the attached cynical uphold of sovereignty of dysfunctional colonial boundaries, led to the bitter and catastrophic civil war waged by the remnants of Yugoslavia (Serbians) against Croatia. If the governments of Germany and France  that subsequently recognized the sovereignty of Croatia in 1995, four good years into the unnecessary civil conflict, which were eventually backed by the wider European Union, supposedly had brought their supports to bear in 1991 when the nation of Croatia conducted her referendum, such would not have even surfaced. That bitter and avoidable experience would have been totally averted. The Serbians would not have had the clout to wage any war, hiding behind the cloak of Yugoslavia against the Croats.

Biafra referendum that is coming up on Saturday 16th February 2019, could most likely be a repeat of history of what transpired between Croatia and Yugoslavia, should the international community chooses docility and cynical hold on the sovereignty of nations which Nigeria enjoys in impunity, to the detriment of humanity. If the United Nations, European Union  African Union, governments of the United States of America, Israel, Germany, France, United Kingdom etcetera, fail to duly accord recognition to Biafra sovereignty, it then simply means that the world wants a repeat of the ugly experience that the indigenous people of Croatia and the Yugoslav union encountered, between Biafra and Nigeria here in the African continent and that will be disastrous. Failure to recognize Biafra after the successful outcome of the upcoming referendum and proclamation of sovereignty, is suggestive of the fact that the global community has authorised the Fulani oligarchy hiding in the cloak of Nigeria to unleash another round of avoidable genocidal onslaught against the Biafran people.

t is believed however, that the world will act responsibly not to allow a repeat of past ugly experiences between Croatia and Yugoslavia to have their way into Africa.  There are high expectations that immediately after the successful Biafra referendum and every other step thereafter, the organised international community will instantly accord due recognition to the sovereign nation of Biafra. This wili definitely usher in the much desired peace 

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