Let's Reason Together

Irrespective of your tribe, religion or believe, I want us all to think about this. 

In 2016 we saw this picture above ⟃⎹ and they told us that Mohamadu Buhari saved Aso Rock from Boko Haram that wanted to attack Aso Rock. We believed them then but there is more to that. 

How could I have believed this trash If I were in my right sence? Thank God for a man like Nnamdi Kanu who have opened my eyes to so many things I never knew. 

In the previous broadcast of Nnamdi Kanu he told us the undiluted truth about this flag. 

He said that Buhari raised this flag to show his support for the Islamic state fighters (Boko Haram) after listening to that! I began to think about this and I started asking my self this questions ⟃⎹

How can Boko Haram come to attack Aso Rock without arms, no bombs, no guns, and no bullets. If they came with any of this! Why then did our saviour captured just the flag?

He did not capture the people that came for the attack; no arms was recovered from them, just the flag hmmmmm Nigerian youths are really lazy we have been fooled by this old men for long now because we are divided. That is why someone that ruled this country before we were born is still ruling us today and the so called youths are supporting them. 

Few days back we heard that Boko Haram killed about 150 Nigerian soldiers and they are all Christians after that incident they realised the so called repented Boko Haram members back to the society and will be recruited in Nigerian Army. Yet no body is asking any question, we are all comfortable with it. 




Let's Reason Together

Let me tell you this Bitter truth," the Fulani cabals that are governing this contraption called Nigeria set those Christians soldiers up and killed them and they will now be replaced by those Boko Haram members they called repented hmmmm Nigeria is in for the big one. 

These soldiers are from South South, South East and Middle Belt, just 18 are from South West.  no Fulanies, no Hausas. Are you understanding what is going on? 

Atiku has more supporters in this areas than any other region in Nigeria. The Middle Belters are supporting Atiku because of the killings by the Fulani headsmen since Buhari took over power. 

Now they just set up soldiers from this regions killed them and they will be replaced by those Boko Haram and will be deployed as soldiers during the elections in 2019 hmmmmm we are in for the big one. 

Which means that 2019 Elections will be supervised by Boko Haram. Now, What do you expect during and after the elections? When Boko Haram have been deployed all over Nigeria in the name of military. 

Things that happens in this country are things you cannot see in any other country and the masses are comfortable with it because no body is bold enough to speak. 

The only man that has the boldness to speak about this evil is Nnamdi Kanu but every body wants him dead but my God will protect him till the day Biafra is restored Iseeeee. God bless Biafra. God bless Nnamdi Kanu. God bless those that understands this article.

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