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22nd October 2019

The leader of The Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in a video message announced the passing of his dear mother, he talked about her generosity, what led to her death and the best way to honour her.

Read the transcript of IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu announcing the passing on of his mother, Ugoeze Sally Nnenne Okwu-Kanu:

Fellow Biafrans, lovers of freedom all over the world. I bring you the particularly sad news on this very day about the passing of my mother, Ugoeze Sally Nnenne Okwu-Kanu who died on the 30th of August this year in Germany.

Anybody who met my mother or had the unique privilege of making her acquaintance will testify to her generosity but above all, her devotion and love for Biafra. Not just for Biafra as a project but for all those who are within it. She saw IPOB as her family and did everything that she could to ensure that this very struggle is what it is today.

And as we all know the events of the 14th of September 2017 contributed immensely to her ill-health which unfortunately the doctors were not able to do anything about.

A mother as caring and compassionate as she is, watching and seeing how children being killed – twenty-eight (28) of them in total – and having to see their dead bodies traumatized her to the extent that she took ill of which she never recovered.

We are grateful for your prayers and on behalf of the entire Kanu family and IPOB worldwide, we are particularly grateful for all your good wishes and your prayers. We ask you to continue to pray for us as we also continue to pursue this noble effort to restore Biafra. Because that is the only way my mother could be honoured. That is the only way that she would want her memory to be honoured.

We are going to march unrelentlessly until Biafra is restored and that been said on numerous occasions that I will sacrifice everything sacrificable to ensure Biafra is restored. And today I can tell you that my mother has been sacrificed on this very process and we are not stopping and we are not resenting.

The most critical thing is Biafra. The most important issue facing us is Biafra. And that is what we are focused on and that is what we are going to accomplish. And as I said earlier, that is the only way to respect her memory and to honour her.

We thank each and every person, every group, every association that have made gestures towards us and have recognized that there are needs for us to work together at this very difficult period to ensure that Biafra is restored. We commend all your efforts.

And for Biafrans all over the world, this very efforts to restore Biafra continues. It is not going to stop. As I said, my mother died on the 30th of August, way before my trip to the EU. Way before my visit to the UN in Geneva, way before my visit and travel to Japan. But we have continued to move on and shall continue to move.

And we pray for the safe repose of her soul in the bosom of "Chukwu-Okike puru ime ihe nine" (Almighty God that can do all things), who we know will keep her and from there she will watch over Biafra. And in our time Biafra shall come.

Thank you very much and God bless!














Poetry: Goodnight Mama Biafra

By Victoria Agangan. O 
Biafra Writers
26th October 2019

Even though you are gone, in our hearts, you remain a queen mother worthy of emulation.

Though you are gone, you came, you saw and you conquered, by giving us a worthy and outstanding leader and by standing by him until your last breath.

You displayed trustworthiness, oh!
Mama Biafra.

I remember your tactical responses to questions about him, during his illegal incarceration.
You encouraged Biafrans, by participating in protests.
What a wonderful mother!

I read that you died of shock, due to the gruesome murder of twenty-eight Biafrans in your compound and presence.

The unworthy Nigerian army had danced the python dance and slaughtered them in cold blood.

Your exit is worrisome and painful.
It is saddening and woeful.
We are in deep sorrow, though we also rejoice in the knowledge that you were there for Biafra, during your last days.

This race will definitely continue and will inevitably be won for your sake and for the sake of everyone else who has ever paid the ultimate price for this divine struggle.

Let the sun lighten the path you travel in, let the moon draw silver lines on your routes.

Sleep on beautiful mother.

Your laurels will be kept forever with Biafra.

Goodnight, Mama Biafra!

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Announces The Death Of His Mother (Video and Transcript)

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu Announces The Death Of His Mother (Video and Transcript)

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