Nigeria Is A Racist Construct That Needs To Be Abolished--Nnamdi Kanu

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu 12

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
12th June 2020

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) globally, has termed Nigeria, a "racist construct" strongly calling for it's outright dismemberment. He made this  assertion in his epic broadcast on Radio Biafra, on Wednesday 10th June 2020. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu reiterated that Nigeria as a country, was founded on lies and deceit. This is pure racism and therefore, should be put to an end so that every ethnic group forcefully annexed, could be set free from the evil grips of this Lugardian creation of 1914. He maintained that the people's progress has dwindled from one abysmal level to the other.

The IPOB leader alluded that those who advocate for Nigeria unity are the marked agents of racism because Fredrick Lugard that created the evil castle called Nigeria, was himself, a racist. "Anybody who wants to stay in Nigeria is a racist and a neo-colonialist", he pointedly affirmed.

"What is racism? What could be more racist than naming a country after a river in a stroke of obliterating the history, the culture and the tradition of a people? What could be more racist than naming somebody who is a Biafran, a Nigerian and as you come one day, he becomes lost?"

Kanu clearly blamed the so-called Nigerians for continuing to accept this evil creation by a whiteman even when they all know that it has brought absolutely nothing but miseries upon miseries into their lives on successive basis. He further said that the deficiency many black people especially Nigerians are suffering till date, hinges on ignorance and that is why they will always kill their fellow blackman just to defend and retain the deceptive unity of Nigeria which is a whiteman's creation. "This is why I call Nigeria a zoo because only animals reason the way Nigerians do", he thundered.

He proceeded to make an allegory with a 'Saint and the Three Deadly Demons of Life'. According to him, "when they call you a 'Saint' in the Western world, be it in Europe, be it in Britain, be it in the United States of America, even in Russia, it means you have done something that no other person has been able to do. You have slain one of the three deadly dragons you have in life.

White people call it 'Dragon' so that you will not understand what it means. You do not see those things that keep you oppressed and locked down in poverty and penury. They are IGNORANCE, the other one is HUNGER/ POVERTY and the other demon is HOMELESSNESS. Understand it very well. When you are able to slay any of these dragons, they call you a 'saint'. That is why the Western world will always maintain their pre-eminence in reasoning.

They invest so much in education because it is in the interest of everybody that everybody else is already educated and able to reason properly. Because only those who are reasonable and sensible can practice true democracy. That reasonability or ability to possess common sense does not necessarily come from a paper degree, it comes from the way you discern, the way you analyze, the way you read problems and what solution you apply to them".

The IPOB leader further stated: "Having regard for what Bob Marley said about our failure to learn and why black people are always growing in ignorance, the only place where we grow is in ignorance. People think that having a PhD, having your Masters, having whatever degree you may possess somehow, confers on you a recognition of intellectual prowess, that is not the case. What it means is that you can read and write English Language.

It does not mean you are intelligent, it does not mean that at all! Because if two hundred million people who are in the zoo called Nigeria, if they are intelligent as they claim, there is no reason why before we came on air, Newspapers and Media Houses will be carrying the news that 50 people were slaughtered in Katsina, the home State of the dead Buhari (the Nigerian President, in whose name the cabals from the North have continued to rule Nigeria through impersonation). In that same contraption, in far away Borno State, another 69 people were killed. Now tell me why a country of 200 million people will sit idly by and everyday such news will keep coming through. 50 killed, churches burnt, mosques attacked, everywhere people are dying on daily basis. The same people who have been killed have not summoned the courage to say enough is enough!".

He further said that Biafra is the beacon of hope and that the major purpose for the struggle for the restoration of it's sovereignty, is to completely free everyone from this bondage that people are facing in the abominable enclave of the British. He stressed that he would want every ethnicity in Nigeria to be liberated so that people would peacefully go their separate ways and be able to handle their own affairs by themselves.

Speaking on the Yoruba manipulated media role in keeping Nigeria one, Kanu revealed that Yoruba journalists are part and parcel of the evil, ongoing in Nigeria. He sounded the warning that if they fail to desist from their support to this evil being perpetrated by the Fulani jihadists, it must definitely boomerang on them in due time. He declared that the Nigerian media represents  darkness, thereby concealing the truth of all that is happening to the "Children of Light", the Biafran people.

Moreover, the IPOB leader called on the Nigerian government to immediately release Olisa Metuh, the erstwhile National Publicity Secretary of People's Democratic Party, within 12 days or await his (Kanu''s) tsuanimic release to the world, vital and destructive information about the Fulanis that have been, through the Nigerian central government, that would irreparably bring down the country. He angrily stated that the Fulani cabals are busy dragging Olisa Metuh in the mud through humiliating imprisonment, just the way they are presently doing because he is a Biafran.

But they have allowed their fellow Fulani man, retired Colonel  Sambo Dasuki, the former National Security Adviser (NSA), to former President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan who was equally indicted with far greater fraudulent offense that worked with Metuh, to walk a free man. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu further stated that it was the height of injustice and therefore, called for his immediate release otherwise all those criminally involved in Olisa Metuh's staying behind bars, would live to regret it.

Wrapping up his broadcast, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu urged Biafrans globally, to arise in unison and defend Biafraland from Fulani invasion or the Biafran race would be completely obliterated from the face of the earth. He thereby announced the availability of Biafra Code of Conduct, instructing all Coordinators to ensure that every IPOB family member, obtains a copy each. He enjoined all to critically study them in furtherance for the restoration of the nation of Biafra. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu also added that a Conflict Resolution Committee has been set up to adjudicate on all cases and grievances arising in the IPOB family, the location nonetheless. He warned therefore, that whatever decision the Committee arrives at, stands and cannot be appealed. He emphasized that it is pertinent that the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), begins now to put on ground, structures that would be adopted in the soon coming nation of Biafra.

He named the new Maryland USA Coordinator in the person of Mazi Oliver Obi and his deputy is Mazi Cosmos Duru. Maryland PG zonal Coordinator now is Mazi Patrick Ndubuisi. He commanded that these appointments are with immediate effect. The IPOB leader equally thanked all that previously served in those positions, pointing out that no office in IPOB is permanent except IPOB and the nation of Biafra. They were all congratulated for jobs well done as new assignments are graciously being awaited.

Written by Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

Edited by Peter Oshagwu
For Family Writers Press International








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