Nnamdi Kanu is a Coward

A coward they said can only speak from outside the Nigerian borders, but then he came back, looked them in the eyes and kicked off a tsunami of movement while they watched helplessly!

A coward that was taken to prison, tortured, starved, spent more than 2 years without trial, but refused to denounce his course even in the face of possible death!

A coward that missed the birth of his child while in detention just because he believed in his ideas and in your freedom. He only had to say “am done” to be set free. He still hasn’t said it till now even as he is free.

A coward that looked danger in the eyes and refused to give up, even when offered gold and silver, oil bloc and special federal awards and appointments to douse off his tsunami.

A coward that mobilized millions of people with just words and a whole nation was shaken to its foundation that they have to use all the might of their weakling soldiers after him! Soldiers that are only good when the enemy is unarmed and protesting peacefully.




Nnamdi Kanu is a Coward

A coward that has made more sacrifice for you than even your entire marginalized generation and so called leaders could do for you and themselves.

A coward that more than a battalion was sent to murder in his small village, he walked away majestically between their armoured tanks, dressed in military uniform.

A coward that still make millions scared off their pants that they are even shaking while calling him names.

A coward who roared in London, roared in Malaysia, roared in America, roared in Spain, roared in Abuja, roared across Eastern Nigeria and today, by 6pm, will roar from the Holy Land......Jerusalem.

A coward who in less than 12 hours, over 60 million people downloaded an app created by his movement, just to hear him speak.
Yes Nnamdi Kanu is a Corward!

But that’s a very good coward, worthy of your attention. I want to be such a coward.....

What about you???


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