Those That Committed Genocide Against The Biafrans In 1967/70


        As the pressure continues coming for a peaceful referendum for Biafrans. Vultures are gathering to retain the one hopeless entity called ZOO/Nigeria. It's well understandable, the long existed oil wells own to some of this individuals, it's one of the main problems.

        We understand, how difficult it's to surrender the oil wells to the rightful owners of Biafrans. 

        We also know very well, it's one of the reasons, over 5 million Biafrans were killed in 1967 and 1970.

        It's the main reasons why Nigeria is one country today. 

        And it's also the reason why the British continue to support the Fulani TERRORIST in ASO ROCK as we speak.

        Yet as the pressure continues coming from the Americans and other lovers of freedom to conduct a peaceful referendum for Biafrans.

        The vultures has once again, ABDUCTED another distraction movie and the goal is to convince the world!

        That Nigeria is one entity with love and harmony.

        As they planned to gather together on 13 January 2020 in a lagos to discuss how they can protect their oil wells in Biafra Land and to maintain the British forest called Nigeria as one entity. 

        IPOB will continue to press for a peaceful referendum for Biafrans, because we won't relent or bowed to any pressure. 

        They shall gather, but as far as they are not of the ELOHIM. They shall all fail.

        ELOHIM bless you all fellow Biafrans worldwide. 

        And happy new year to all of you. 

        God bless the Land of the RISING SUN. 

        All hail Biafra.



        Obasanjo and His Many Evils

        Olusegun Obasanjo

        When OBJ granted 12 Northern states sharia in a secular State like Nigeria he did not consult Biafrans, when Obj banned Ibeto cement and other businesses to make way for Dangote cement and granting him Dangote ‘MONOPOLY “ in all businesses involving Biafrans did he consult Biafrans? Now Biafra is about to go and  this evil man who brought this evil regime of Abba Kyari and late Buhari is junketing the length and breadth of Biafra land talking to fellow criminals like him who has held Biafrans down since criminal Lugard brought us together without any form of respect for our cultures, traditions and values.

        Well, I may call what am doing now mere academic exercise and mere respect to your age, if not, a thousand pieces (1000) of Obasanjo cannot STOP the proclamation of Biafra come 2020.

        If these criminals has any atom of shame in them they would know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has disgraced and exposed their mediocrity locally and internationally that they no longer worth a thing in the eyes of the international community .the international community has come to realize that you are all empty barrels who do not even know your history rather, you are only elder statesmen of oil blocks, men without honor,men who feed FAT on the misery of the masses,men who cannot be trusted with anything trust,as a matter of fact, Nnamdi Kanu has turned all of you to ‘ INTERNATIONAL LAUGHINGSTOCK’ men without shame.

        IPOB is putting  it to any Biafrans (Igbo) who tries or connives with these enemies this time to sabotage our efforts in anyway though, NON of you can stop the imminent proclamation of Biafra in this year2020 that we IPOB we are every where and can get at any of you who will foolishly listen to this son of perdition OBJ without asking questions why they are suddenly given in to the rejected ‘RESTRUCTURING ‘? APC once boasted that they do not have restructuring in their manifesto, late Buhari once said, ‘I don’t know the meaning of restructuring ‘  Why now? The question remains why now? Biafra is a done deal we want TOTAL restoration of our land Biafra. No middle ground any more., and we are very fanatic ,resolute about it. Is Biafra or NOTHING, Biafra or DEATH. One word for deceitful Obj,  OBJ , have you shown your hosts in your current tour of Biafra land the statement credited to late premier of Northern Nigeria late Ahmadu Bello?of 12/10/1960 just eleven days after your British/ Fulani independence. If you don’t show your gullible criminal hosts this statement, then you are a big FOOL, we are wiser now .Is Biafra Now, NO to restructuring. Biafrans, this is our year, we MUST exit this British trading company called Nigeria in Chukwu Abiama’s Name.




                    Obasanjo -ex president

                    T Y DANJUMA 2

             Sultan of Sokoto, H.E Alhaji Sa'ad Abubakar

                           Yakubu Gowon 3

                    Babangida 2