The Queen Needs Transformation By Buhari’s Doctors

The Queen Elizabeth of England is looking very Old, she needs a transformation by Buhari’s doctors.

Prince Charles

Even Queen’s son, Prince Charles is also looking Old too, he should seek tranformation from Buhari doctors. I believe Buhari’s doctors could be found at London Bridge Hospital.

The question here is “why can't the London Doctors at the London Bridge Hospital who transformed the Old Buhari into the New Young Man that we are seeing today, change the Queen and her son into younger looking?”

Or does it mean that the Magical Sophisticated Transformation procedures can only work with Muhammadu Buhari and not the Citizens of Great Britain?

Ibeh Gift Amarachi


The Queen Elizabeth of England

The Queen Needs Transformation By Buhari’s Doctors

Biafrans Let Me Educate You A Little On How The British Government And The Evil Queens Elizabeth Cabals Family Connected The Chains Of Slavery In The Zoo Animal Contraption Called Nigeria!!

The Chaining Goes This Way!! 

For The Biafrans Ever going to war to be free from almighty British slavery' 

  1. THE BIAFRANS' Are Made  The Number One Recognised Slaves That Nigeria Has Today, They are Slaves To Virtually Every Other Tribes in Nigeria The  Hausa Fulani's and the Yoruba's 
  2. THE YORUBA'S, are slaves to the Hausa Fulani's,
  3. THE HUASA'S, are slaves to the Fulani's,
  4. THE FULANI'S are Slaves to the British Government and the Queen Royal Family Cabals.
  5. WHILE NIGERIA itself as a Fraud and a Forged Country is an Investment and a Company to the British.. 

Nothing More is Important to Them then for Nigeria to remain as one, the Human beings in it can all Perished for all They Cares if they ever tries to shutdown their investment, As Long as Their Investment Called 

(Nigeria Oil Company) Remain Intact No Problem!!!



Buhari (Jubril)

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Meaning of Igbo in Nigeria’s geopolitics
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