This Islamic Fascism

The trial of the CJN is a sham; the charges were trumped-up and the court a kangaroo court. The CCT chairman is more a Sharia judge than a secular job. In fact, the court ambience of the CCT feels more like a Sharia court in Saudi Arabia or Iran. The CCT chairman quotes copiously from the Koran in the course of trying to nail Mr. Onnghen; a Christian. 

One of the most disturbing aspects of the trial is the total absence of justice; in Umar's court or any court in Nigeria at that, there's no justice! 

Recall that on this wall, we looked at the 1999 constitution and gave in details how the president could, would and had controlled the judiciary and outcomes. Of course, members of the Bar and Bench came after us with rocks, rockets, bazookas and all other dangerous weapons they could lay their hands upon. 

Despite bullying us, neither the Bar nor the Bench could do a thing to arrest the complete destruction of the judiciary and the international humiliation of Nigeria. 

The National Judicial Council has proved to be a colossal disappointment and a shameless appendage of the presidency. Their recommendations do not follow precedence, and their integrity a mirage. Their ridiculous recommendations; doing the bidding of the president in the face of overwhelming evidence, was an act of judicial immolation. Those of us, that held a ray of hope that maybe, just maybe the NJC would stand its grounds and vote for Truth, Equity and Decency were naively mistaken! 

Unfortunately, some fellows see this as partisan affairs; a PDP/APC squabble. Some see it as the marginalization of the East and Niger Delta. It is beyond that; it is the final destruction of the official endorsement of Fascism. With the national assembly a pawn of the president, INEC, police, military, governors and now, the judiciary, what's the pretence about democracy, hugh? What's the point?

The government of the day does not pretend this to be a democracy, the caliphate running the show is not pretending it to be a democracy, it is the people; the constituent regions, the Royal Naivete of Our Time, that have convinced themselves, that this sham of a system, is democracy! 

This is Islamic Fascism! And it shall be the death of us all unless the constituent regions woke up! 

We must #restructureOrBurst.

Baron Roy


This Islamic Fascism



From May 29, The CJN, The President Court of Appeal and Head of Federal High Court will all be from the core North..

Chairman of Code of Conduct Bureau,

Chairman Code of Conduct Tribunal, 

Chairman of EFCC,

Director of NFIU, - all from the North...





Director, DIA, 

Defense Minister, 


Chief of Air Staff, 

Chief of Army Staff;

All from the North and the elephant in the room is they are all Muslims...

The Head of the Executive and the Legislature too will be from the North...

‘Nigeria We Fail, Sorry Hail Thee’!

~ Martins Oloja

Baron: Now, this is what I call "unity"! Nigeria is a united, indivisible, and just country where equity and fairness reign supreme! 

This is "one Nigeria"! Now, let's sing the national anthem, patriots!

Anyone that mentions northernization or islamization commits the offense of "hate speech" and shall be seriously dealt with! 

Buro uba'n ku! We die here! 

#thinkAgain...I'm almost convinced most Nigerians couldn't though...damn this despicable latrine and its putrid contents!

© Baron Roy


Just so you know

That the North is at liberty to give power to the South...or not. And with the total domination of all political offices, security, judiciary and all aspects of the federation by the North, there is ZERO reason to relinquish power. 

This is even made more poignant by the recent election results declared by the president's INEC; that result shows that if no one in the 17 Southern states should vote for the anointed candidate of the North, the North would still win! 

Whatever those Southerners planning for 2023 are smoking is very potent and definitely bad for their mental health. Look around you, oh ye simpletons; how in tarnation would you present a southern candidate and expect him to win? Who even told you that the votes are counted? 

Those that believe in this system are delusional; those that believe that with zero Southern leadership, the North would relinquish power when they have everything to rule the country for the next 500 years! What exactly is the matter with us in the South? 

Southerners are delusional really; take a good look at the government and ask yourself why on earth the North that has COMPLETELY and TOTALLY dominated all aspects of life would willingly relinquish power in 2023! The South is at the mercy of the North but some foolish Southerners believe they're equal to the North despite the obvious? 

Quit being delusional; neither Yoruba nor Igbo would be president in 2023; expect the next Fulani and keep quiet! 

Don't #thinkAgain...what would be the point anyway? We are not serious down South...we are self-destruct!

Baron Roy




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