Where Is The So-called "One Nigeria"?

Ndigbo, Seriously consider this; How many NORTHERNERS own any Muti-Million properties in Enugu, Anambra or other parts of Southeastern States for instance? Not a single Northerner owns anything worth calling a property in the whole of the South-East States.

How Many YORUBAS will invest and own a Muti-Million property in the South-East? None. How many percentage (%) of YORUBAS own any valueble investments or properties in the South-East region? None.  

It is only the Igbo man that is nationalistic in Nigeria. Wherever he goes, he invests and converts it to his own home and moves in with his entire family, no other tribe does this. 

Quite a number of five star hotels, business empires and estates worth billions of Dollars (USD) are owned by the business men of Igbo extraction in just Lagos State. Now add Abuja and other states in the North and South to this list, you will realize the Igbos own the most valuable properties and investments in Nigeria.

Yet, who are the most Marginalised? Igbos. Who are the most oppressed? Igbos. Who are the 3rd (third) class Citizen's of Nigeria? Igbos. Who are the most patriotic? Igbos. Who are the most practical of the so-called "One-Nigeria"? Ndigbo. 

Even with all the intimidations the Igbos go through in Nigeria, even when their properties are been sezied/destroyed, even now the Igbos have been relegated to the bottom table of the affairs of Nigeria, Still on still, the Igbos continue to invest in the economic growth Nigeria. But for how long will Ndigbo continue to live as slaves? 

The only message I have for Ndigbo is very simple; Bring your investments back to Biafraland. We as a people have suffered enough in the bid to show our love and commitment to the "One-Nigeria" mantra. Yet, they continue to hate, fight and despise you. 

Ndigbo it's time to start thinking about ourselves, our future and Generations to Come. 

- Somto Okonkwo (FWP).


Where Is The So-called "One Nigeria"?

One Nigeria is Evil

On the Brink of Disaster

That the Nigeria as we know it is collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions is not in doubt. The decades of injustice, lack of efficient and equitable structural and institutional frameworks, lack of justiciable laws and a nonexistent actionable Constitution is tearing the country apart. 

All we've done in the past 60 years was to employ force, cunning and tyranny to hold the constituent nations of this country together. 

Yes, several persons are determined to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that it is a passing phase. Alas, a passing phase that has lasted three generations and led to the death of millions with the attendant propagation of mass poverty is definitely not a passing phase. 

In the past few years, the indices have been glaring that the country is near collapse. Reformers stepped-in and commenced enlightenment on the obvious dangers ahead; we have been calling on the constituent nations to step up, get organized, provide visible leadership for their nations and engage the establishment to head-off this Match to the Abyss! We have been largely ignored. Yet, we are on the brink of disaster...deceived regularly with some phantom messiahs in sham elections that are actually illusions. 

Be it known that a negotiated Confederation of the Constituent Nations is the only way to save this enclave. That is our most realistic means of avoiding disaster. The current silence of all to the visible disaster on the horizon in a bid to maintain the status quo would be regretted. 

A stitch in time, folks. Let the constituent nations arise now and drive this restructuring, else the collapse shall be spectacular! We must #restructureOrBurst.


Baron Roy





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