Who Created Nigeria?

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Excerpt From The Broadcast By Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of 7th November 2019


What we are doing now was exactly what happened during Slavery. The White man will travel all the way from the USA, Europe to West Africa to harvest us alive like where they are harvesting Cassava in the farm.

How many White people came for the raid?

Not up to five white people. Not up to five. They will raid a village of up to 2,000 to 3,000, put us in their Ship, one person will be waiting for one White man to come and tie our legs with Chains and our hands. One white man will tie 1,000 people and we will be there watching like Mumu. That's what we are doing today. Exactly what we are doing. They are Killing us, they are destroying us, they are making our lives a misery and some idiots can't think about it and all they are thinking about is PRESIDENCY. 


Before the white man came, did we live in the same place with FULANI people?

The answer is No. 

Did the world come to an end? 

The answer is No.

Some idiots say YOU NEED POPULATION TO HAVE POWER, that God created NIGERIA and I ask them, I want you to go and Google who created United States of America?

Who created Canada?

Who created Scotland?

Who created England?

Who created Russia?

Who created Japan?

Go to Google and ask who created NIGERIA?

Compare all the answers and you will see it. 

You will see before your own eyes, your stupidity will begin to leave you tonight if you can just try this.

That is to tell you that only God can create a Nation. Because when you type..


You will see Fredrick Lugard but when you ask for other civilized Nations you can never see one single soul because Nations emerge organicly. Organic growth.

Before Ingland came into existence, they had the Vickings. They had the Saxon. They had the Normans,  William the conqueror was the first King of England, was a French man, William from Normandy. That is how Nations emerge. 

If you ask people who created England, nobody will ever tell you it is William of Normandy. Never. They know it is only God that creates.

There are forces at play before a Nation emerges, forces at play. 

One man, they called him back from Honkong, he boarded a rickety Ship, only to stop the Eastern advance of the French in Dahomey. They said, you, you, you, your name is NIGERIA and somebody is saying, "I AM PROUD TO BE A NIGERIAN". 

Do you see how Foolish you are?

Do you see how stupid you are? 

Do you see why we call you Animals?

Do you see the reason why NIGERIA is a Zoo?

Can you now begin to appreciate this very fact?

That you were created by a white man. Therefore you are subhuman. Therefore You can never with any sense of credibility claim to be a child of God. Because you are a Child but in contraption created by a fellow mortal.

Shame upon all of you that say you are Nigerians!.

Shame upon you!

As captured by Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
States Media Team



Find Answers To These Questions And You'd Reject Nigeria

Excerpt From The Broadcast By Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of 7th November 2019

This program this evening is what I call defective reasoning in our people. We must begin by asking ourselves some vital questions. 

Why is it that other parts of the world are Developing, including even the South American States that were only few decades ago classified as Third world countries?

Why is it that South Africa that was built by white people is now going backwards?

Ask yourself why there is the preponderance of dictatorship and Totalitarianism in Africa.

Ask yourself why Politics in Africa is sentimentally loaded towards infinite loyalty

Ask yourself why you do not have light, ask yourself why you don't have drinking water.

Ask yourself why you keep on allowing Fool after Fool, Idiot after Idiot, to occupy the positions of Power. 

Ask yourself why those that be, would always find the need to manipulate and to rig Elections to the detriment of the overall wellbeing of the entire population.

Ask yourself why your schools are not functioning. 

Ask yourself why you have no Hospitals.

Ask yourself why you don't have any good Road.

Ask yourself why there is no Housing.

You should continue to ask yourself these questions because any day you find the answers to it, believe you me if somebody were to stand in front of you and tells you that "I am a Nigerian", you will shoot him dead, I'm telling you, only then will you appreciate the gravity of the stupidity of a Zoo Animal. Only then will you understand it.

As captured by Ngozichukwu Ada-Dav
For: States Media Team



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