Biafra: Buhari Is Dealt A Big Blow As Another Top U.S Politician Hon. Robert Dorman Calls For Biafra Referendum: Vows To Table IPOB's Case Against Nigeria Before The U.S Congress And U.N
Hon. Robert Dorman
Another top politician of the United States of America, also an ex U.S Congressman, Hon Robert Dornan has renewed his call for Biafra referendum, with an affirmation to table IPOB's cause before the U.S Congress through his ex-colleagues and progressively press the matter to the United Nations.
Nigeria, A Country In Recession, Full Of Corruption And Engulfed In Crisis
A Market Woman
My heart bleeds anytime that country's name is been mentioned.
Names of Biafrans Killed By The Nigerian Police On Order Of President Buhari During The 30th May 2016 Anniversary Peaceful Protest
Biafra Killings8
Those killed in ASABA, Delta State and those killed in Onitsha area, Anambra state according to as released to Hope For Nigeria
Biafrans rejoice with Yoruba as Sanusi joins fellow Fulani leaders to shower them with love
Lamido Sanusi
Lamido Sanusi, the former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor, and Fulani terrorist leader, joined other Fulani’s like him to speak warmly of Yoruba people and Lagos State. The terrorist ruler who spearheaded the beheading of Gedeon Akaluka, an Igbo-Biafran, in Kano, in 1995, is now the emir of Kano.
Family Writers Investigative Visit To Ataku Over Fulani Attack
Fulani Herdsmen Attacks (5) 27-8-16
The community of Ndiagu, Attakwu, Akegbe-Ugwu in Nkanu-West Local Government Area of Enugu State, was thrown into shambles following the invasion by Armed Fulani Herdsmen with machetes slaughtered a Catholic Seminarian, Lazarus Nwafor and several others


SHOCKING: Nigerian Army Brigade Commander Caught Selling Sophisticated Weapons To Boko Haram Terrorist
Army Brigade Commander Caught Selling Sophisticated Weapons

A Brigade Commander is among 16 officers and troops being court martialed for selling arms to Boko Haram terrorists. He is facing a secret trial in Maiduguri, capital of Borno State over what happened to 21 anti-aircraft guns assigned this year to his artillery brigade.
Killings By Fulani Herdsmen: Time To Take Drastic Action Is Now Says CLO
Fulani Herdsmen Attacks (4) 27-8-16
The Civil Liberties Organisation, (CLO) South East Zone condemns in totality the brazen murder and killing of innocent citizens of Igbo land in different parts of the South East by Fulani herdsmen.
Open Letter to Judge John Tsoho: You have tarnished Nigeria reputation on the World stage - By Mary Helen Bernstein
Mary Helen Bernstein1
I want to preface this letter by stating that no tourist will ever want to step foot in your country wherein mother’s throw their babies to the side of the roads to rot in swaddling clothes and judges take orders from the executive branch concerning bail of a defendant abdicating their role as a jurist in the legislative branch.
The Butchers And Terrorists From The North - By Femi Fani Kayode
Fulani Herdsmen Attacks (12) 27-8-16
The butchers from the north are better known as the Fulani militants and herdsmen. They have unleashed horror and levied war against the people of Nigeria over the last one year.
Open Letter To Global Community On The Ongoing Brutality On Biafrans
Stop Killing Biafra 1
This is to bring to the attention of the Amnesty International and National Human Rights Commission that all the Nigerian security operatives abduct and molest Biafrans for no tangible reasons.
IPOB: Nigeria State Security Services (Sss) Lists Names Of Biafrans To Be Abducted
We the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) are writing this piece to express our concerns about the increasing evidence of kidnapping, use of torture, illegal arrests and execution by the Nigeria Armed forces towards Biafrans.
ICC Confirms Receipt of Criminal Complaint Against Amnesty International
Amnesty 5
The International Criminal Court (ICC) has confirmed the receipt of a petition against the activities of Amnesty International in Nigeria.
An Open Letter to International Community on the Pogrom Going On In Biafra West Africa
State Sponsored Military Massacre, Intimidation & Fulani Herdsmen Terrorism: What Nigeria Govt Is Using To Pacify Biafrans To Stay With Nigeria
Barack Obama Endorses the Islamisation of Nigeria
Buhari and Obam
There is an intense outcry from the Christian community in Nigeria over the visit of U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry, to only the northern part of Nigeria. The suspicion is even justified why reporters were not allowed in during Kerry's meeting with Buhari.
DONALD TRUMP ON NIGERIA  ......... So so so on point!
Trump and Obama
When I said the November 8 election would be rigged, Obama said my statement was ridiculous. He is dumb. What does he know about election rigging. Has he heard of Nigeria before? I mean, that is one country that has a robust history of election infractions and I have taken my time to study how they do it.


Biafra Protests
Protests across the South East and South South for Biafran Referendum and to release Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and director of Radio Biafra who was arrested for speaking his mind on the radio although they called his speeches hate speeches, however there is no evidence suggesting that.
Buhari Wants Me to Jail Nnamdi Kanu: I Am Only Following His Order - John Tsoho
Buhari the Judge
The Judge of the Court 3 Division of the Federal High Court Abuja, Justice John Tsoho has recently been on the focus of International communities and other Human Rights Organisations especially ever since it has become certain through his actions, that he was bought over by the Buhari-led Federal government to twist and truncate justice in the case of the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.
Continued Unlawful Arrests and Intimidation of Biafrans by the Nigeria Army
Unlawful Arrests
Ever since Buhari led administration came on board, the Biafran people have been experiencing incessant attacks from the various security agents of the Nigerian government.


Nigerian government releases a terrorist who masterminds the 2011 Christmas day bombing in Abuja
Christmas day bomber
A Fulani Boko Haram master terrorist responsible for the brutal mass murder of hundreds of Biafrans in an Islamic bombing of a Christian Church, duly tried and sentenced to life imprisonment has been released
Nigeria/Norway Quarterly Reports Show Nigeria’s Problems Exceed Corruption; It’s A Lack of Vision
Buhari travels
Nigeria’s recession status was formally confirmed yesterday when the National Bureau of Statistics released its economic quarterly report for the second quarter of the year.
United Nations Releases Damning Report, Says Nigeria Is Deeply Divided
UN Logo

A report released by the United Nations, UN, on Nigeria’s Common Country Analysis, CCA, has revealed a deeply divided society on the basis of the plurality of ethnic, religious and regional identities that had tended to define the country’s political existence.
U.S Congressman Writes Kerry, Accuses Buhari Of Autocratic & Genocidal Tendencies
Tom Marino
A member of the United States Congress, Tom Marino, has written a letter to Secretary of State, John Kerry, asking the US government to withhold security assistance to Nigeria until President Muhammadu Buhari demonstrates a “commitment to inclusive government and the most basic tenets of democracy: freedom to assemble and freedom of speech”.
President Buhari is appointing Islamist Jihadists into key position – Group
Buhari in the Middle
Solomon Asemota, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), on behalf of some Christian groups in the country has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of discriminatory appointments against non-Muslims in Nigeria.

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